Why not try the Bunker Kitchen

For those who have yet to visit the Bunker Kitchen we would encourage you to do so as the service and quality are excellent, creating a real club atmosphere.

The Club all day breakfast seems to be a firm favourite already and there has been a lot of positive feedback, with many really enjoying the Illy barista coffee.

The ladies enjoyed their afternoon tea which unfortunately is only available every Thursday (pre-bookings only), but Amanda is hoping to increase the menu and operating times soon if the demand is there.

If you have any occasions that you need to be catered for then please feel free to pop up and see one of the team for a chat or
Click here to send us an email!!!

We all look forward to your continuing support over the next few weeks and beyond.

Business & Policy Committee


Alternative milks - Oat, Soya, Almond20p
Americano Black Coffee£1.95/£2.20
Cappuccino Frothy Coffee£2.05/£2.35
Latte Milky Coffee£2.20/£2.50
Mocca Choccy Coffee£2.20/£2.50
Espresso Strong small coffee£1.70/£2.10
Macchiato Coffee topped with milk£1.90/£2.20
Flat White Double shot white coffee£2.20
Hot Chocolate Regular£2.50
English Breakfast Tea£1.85
Speciality Teas£2.10

Hospitality Update

We hope you will all give Amanda and Kate a big welcome and support them by buying some of their superb coffee and food. They have shown faith in our club and invested in its future at a very difficult time, so we know you will all support them as much as you can.

The Bunker Kitchen is an out sourced catering facility so will be operating their own tills and are able to accept cash and credit cards. You will not, however, be able to use your gold cards for purchases.

A list of the main drinks on offer is shown below but our own coffee machine will remain available for those who would prefer this option.

For those who missed our earlier notice we would remind you that initially the Bunker Kitchen will be open 7 days a week from 11am until 3pm and daily specials will be available for those looking for home cooked lunches. The phase 1 menus is attached for your convenience.

We would take this opportunity to remind you all of the rule of 6 and to keep social distancing at all times. Please remember to bring your masks as you will need them when entering, leaving and moving about in the club house

We look forward to seeing you all in the clubhouse soon.
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